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Olbermann Skewered By Stephen Colbert

Like, skewered skewered. Like, conservative skewered.

Money quote:

Are you man enough to say O’Reilly won?

Vintage answer by Olbermann. He still believes he’s never done nothin’ wrong. And that he’s not arrogant. And that anybody cares.


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Comments (6)

The so-called "liberal elit... (Below threshold)
Art W's Head Exploding:

The so-called "liberal elite" mocking the Prince of Liberal media?

Wow, my head just exploded.

Yeah, two "intellectual gia... (Below threshold)

Yeah, two "intellectual giants" right there.

"Art W's Head Exploding"</... (Below threshold)

"Art W's Head Exploding"

The sounds of silence..

Olbermann . . . didn't he u... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Olbermann . . . didn't he used to be the smart-aleck guy on ESPN? I thought they ran him off for mistreating the staff . . . still around and as stupidly arrogant as ever, I see.

Conservatives really don't ... (Below threshold)

Conservatives really don't understand comedy. Never have, never will.

Colbert's schtick got old s... (Below threshold)

Colbert's schtick got old soon after Olby's, if ya ask me.






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