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Professor Gingrich On 2012 Election

In case you missed it, Newt Gingrich on Greta Van Susteren last night. I’m posting this as an example of what it’s like to run as a Republican politician:

Whatever you think of his chances for President in 2012, he can explain more in 16 or so minutes than the current resident of the White House has…ever…

If he doesn’t get the nod (which I don’t expect), he’s surely gonna be a prime candidate for somewhere in the cabinet, doncha’ think?


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It depends. If he can stay... (Below threshold)
retired military:

It depends. If he can stay away from Pelosi, a park bench and global warming he might do okay.

Newt in the cabinet? Um, n... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Newt in the cabinet? Um, no. Not unless you plan to create a Dept. of U.S. History.

That said, and speaking about cabinent heads, in addition to the obvious need to get rid of Obama has there ever been so pressing a need to seat a new cabinet? I think not. Holder is the worst attorney general in history, Geithner is an unmitigated disaster and Napolitano is so numbingly incompetent it's actually frightening.

We won't survive another four years of Obama in office. Literally.

I agree he won't make the f... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

I agree he won't make the final cut but, imagine if he became the Sec.of Ed. or Commerce.

He would have trounced McCa... (Below threshold)

He would have trounced McCain last time out. That's not saying much however.

This time around a cardboard cutout would trounce ole' jug ears.

I watched the whole thing. ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I watched the whole thing. I've gotta say, I found Gretta's insistence on coaching a bit weird. Is she auditioning for a job?

I agree, I don't think Newt... (Below threshold)

I agree, I don't think Newt will get near a Republican president's cabinet. Newt does have moments of genius but the president would have to create a position to occasionally explain Newt. He really has a knack for creating those awkward moments at the most inconvenient times.

Newt reached his peak in No... (Below threshold)

Newt reached his peak in Nov 1994, with assist from Bill Clinton's lurch to the left.

It has been all downhill since.

Can somebody please give an example of Newt's genius?

It takes genius to scam the... (Below threshold)
Art W:

It takes genius to scam the tax system and not get caught.

But I guess, by definition, that makes Gingrich something less than a genius... cause it looks like he's been nailed.

"I think he's in a world of trouble from a tax standpoint," said Marcus S. Owens, who ran the IRS Exempt Organizations Division for ten years, and who now works in private practice in Washington. "There are clearly enough questions there for the IRS to begin an investigation."

At issue are the activities of Gingrich's charity, Renewing American Leadership (ReAL), which was founded with a goal of promoting faith, freedom and free enterprise. The tax-exempt organization paid the salary of Gingrich's personal spokesman, bought Gingrich's books and DVDs, and provided Gingrich a copy of the fundraising list it spent more than $1 million to build. Over two years, ReAL made $220,000 in payments to Gingrich Communications, a for-profit business Gingrich owns.

Melanie Sloan, Executive Director of the good government group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, said she found those activities troubling. "Charities should be engaged in demonstrably charitable purposes," Sloan told ABC News. "Here, given that ReAL hasn't done anything other than send out fundraising appeals, creating a mailing list for Mr. Gingrich to use to contact his supporters, it appears the major, if not sole purpose of the group is to further his political ambitions."

He spent 2 of the first 3 weeks of his campaign on a luxury cruise -- as his campaign staff decided to abandon his sorry ass and head for the hills.

I can see why you like him, John. He's a real ass.

Art -The way the t... (Below threshold)

Art -

The way the tax code is convoluted at the present time, all you've got to do is be breathing and have money and they'll have 'questions'.

Funny - I've never been aud... (Below threshold)
Art W:

Funny - I've never been audited and I don't know a single friend or family member who's been audited. Guess we're not breathing hard enough.

Funny also that conservatives complain about Obama cabinet members who play fast and loose with their tax obligations but these same folks seem to applaud when someone like Gingrich does it. Heh...

But don't you think the point is moot? Gingrich's popularity is sinking faster than a dead bin Laden.

In an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Wednesday evening, 32% of Republican adults said they had a favorable opinion of the former Speaker, though slightly more, 34%, had an unfavorable opinion of him. Two months prior, 50% of Republicans had said they liked Gingrich, while just 13% said they did not.

A PPP survey of Republican registered voters also released on Wednesday showed Gingrich's GOP support undergoing the same dramatic swing.

That's a poll just released today.

He's toast. No wonder he's now being embraced by the fringe lunatics. Some folks just love a loser.

I can see why you ... (Below threshold)
I can see why you like him, John. He's a real ass.

That's funny, I don't like you...

I kid, I kid.

Actually, I love your presence. Nothing like the weak sauce that you bring to get the comments jumpin. Just know I'm sorry I can't reply to every bit of un-sourced "fact" you bring to the table, and every ad homenem attack. Just know you have a big place in my heart.

Art,So where on the ... (Below threshold)

So where on the IQ scale does that put the Sec of the Treasury and other Obama appointees?

You're just not 'noticeable... (Below threshold)

You're just not 'noticeable' enough to be worth the trouble, Art. Get up to the Gingrich level, have an 'R' after your name, and you'd better have a team of accountants making sure you're squeaky clean... and even then, they'll have questions.

For the good of the country, of course.

Gingrich's decision to take... (Below threshold)
James H :

Gingrich's decision to take the Greek cruise, IMO, speaks to a tone-deafness regarding electoral politics, not one's assiness.

As for a position in gov't, I see him in the military, commanding amphibious forces.

"Whatever you think of his ... (Below threshold)

"Whatever you think of his chances for President in 2012, he can explain more in 16 or so minutes than the current resident of the White House has…ever…"

Barry explains but only the tele-prompter and dictators can make sense of it and turn a profit.

Art, please show us the evi... (Below threshold)

Art, please show us the evidence of your outrage at Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel. I know, Newt's such a bad guy.

In a 5 minute section of that video he presented the framework of an economic plan that would make the liberals piss their pants and the average americans smile, much like Ronaldus Magnus did.

Go back to the DU Art, they need more help sifting through those Palin emails, again, and again.

"Get up to the Gingrich ... (Below threshold)
Art W:

"Get up to the Gingrich level, have an 'R' after your name, and you'd better have a team of accountants making sure you're squeaky clean... "

Playing the Woe-Is-Me victim card? How... Republican of you.

Dude, Obama can explain <em... (Below threshold)
Aog Author Profile Page:

Dude, Obama can explain anything in just two words - "shut up!".

Victim? Yeah. Sure... (Below threshold)

Victim? Yeah.


Whatever, Art. You're earning your pay tonight!

What is it tonight Art? </p... (Below threshold)

What is it tonight Art?

Passion fruit or wildberry?

Newt wouldn't be in my Cabi... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Newt wouldn't be in my Cabinet for the same reason he shouldn't be President: he has neither the experience in management nor the temperament required. Great on history and relating it to present conditions, good on policy issues for the most part, but I wouldn't put him in charge of an office, much less a Department.

Education and Commerce need to be eliminated anyway, along with HUD and Energy. They are money pits with no tangible benefits (the few necessary functions can be reassigned to other Departments - probably the ones they came from).

Newt's image problem isn't due to the unfair media coverage. He's earned his negative image - not for the reasons the left/media assumes - over the years with his arrogance, misfeasance, and behavior. Still, the ABC report referenced makes no specific allegation of wrongdoing; it is all innuendo without a shred of verifiable supporting evidence.


Art W is violating copyright law by reproducing copyrighted material without attribution @ #8 above. Failure to attribute forfeits any claim of Fair Use. He is putting Wizbang in legal jeopardy here.

Art W, you have some unfin... (Below threshold)

Art W, you have some unfinished business here. You boldly stated many times last week that Palin's emails were going to bury her. Well, bring it on chump. What did you and your friends find?

Gingrich lost the support he had when he came out of the chute and shot Paul Ryan in the back. I don't care how smart he is, that was just to idiotic for me. ww

He needs to be one of many ... (Below threshold)
Ryan M.:

He needs to be one of many advisers for a strong willed president.






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