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After the US has gotten itself into two more wars Kinetic Military Actions™, where was our brave Codepinkos, the patron saints of stopping evil, unjust wars? I found ‘em!

At…a book signing… Stop the evil books, I guess.

Tim Pawlenty, oppressor of ladyparts. That’ll get us out of Iraq. Keeps along with their milieu, though: killing terrorists bad; killing babies good.

The press doesn’t care about these people anymore. They aren’t useful. This is what happens when a Democrat is in the White House. I bet if this wasn’t posted you wouldn’t even remember they still exist.

Now, back to ignoring them until around January 23, 2013.


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Comments (8)

Tim who?... (Below threshold)
Art W:

Tim who?

Let's just say that Code Pi... (Below threshold)

Let's just say that Code Pinks outrage is 'highly selective'. "Nuanced" even.

The real irony of course is... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

The real irony of course is that leftists are so mentally deranged they won't be able even to grasp the irony.

"The press doesn’t care abo... (Below threshold)

"The press doesn’t care about these people anymore. They aren’t useful."

The phrase "useful idiots' comes to mind.

Don't worry, in about 18 months they'll be back, along with their pals "The Homeless" and outrageous fuel costs as the LSM suddenly 'rediscovers' them.

Useful idiots is too kind. ... (Below threshold)

Useful idiots is too kind. Drop the 'useful' and pass em' the Koool aide.

Why on earth were you looki... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

Why on earth were you looking for them?

I would gratefully live out the rest of my life without ever seeing or hearing from these harpies again.

As Glenn Reynolds is fond o... (Below threshold)

As Glenn Reynolds is fond of saying, "When the useful idiots are no longer useful, they're just, well, you know."

ABC anchor Charles Gison was asked about Cindy Sheehan following President Obama to Martha's Vinyard to protest his continuation of the wars: "It's such as sad story ... Anybody who has given a son to this country has made an enormous sacrifice, and you have to be sympathetic. But enough already."

Hypocritical bastards -- all of them.

The LSM are the enemy.... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:

The LSM are the enemy.






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