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Now Watch This Drive

A lovely visual reminder for all you folks looking for work, for you folks drowning in debt, for you folks who have no idea how you’re gonna pay for stuff. This is how they get things done in Washington D.C. Enjoy your Saturday off, guys, we’re working like heck in the nation’s capitol today!

Don Surber has another picture of the political giants hard at work, reducing deficits, finalizing budgets, and getting the economy flowing again.

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Comments (10)

Considering all the time th... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Considering all the time they spend on their games, they could both hire a golf instructor, for help on their putting strokes.

So where's the MSM outrage?... (Below threshold)

So where's the MSM outrage? Misery index at an all time high...and all we get from the MSM is how Barry looks. They start comparing him to Tiger Woods, I'm gonna puke.

I've had it with Boehner-do... (Below threshold)

I've had it with Boehner-don't be laughing it up on the links with that fool. You've fallen into his lame bipartisanship trap. I've had enough of both of you and your freakin' golf summit.

Day off? I work every weeke... (Below threshold)

Day off? I work every weekend and most weekdays? Matter of fact I'm on break now.

What a couple of worthless hacks.

Politicians, tar, feathers,... (Below threshold)

Politicians, tar, feathers, rail.

Assembly required.

I'm a golfer and a business... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I'm a golfer and a businessman. You have NO idea what connections can be made out on the course, or what compromises and deals can be made. You can take to get, and give to get. That's lift and politics rolled into golf. Problem with it? Grow up, and play like the big boys or go home.

Oh, BTW, Boehner's putting stroke is just fine for a 7.9 handicap; and Obama's is standard for a 17+ 'capper. Shut up, Crickmore, for another one of your ho-hum, boring "insights."

I have some ideas, Peter as... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I have some ideas, Peter as a former caddy on the pgatour, too. I placed a big bet, my first big bet this year, for Rory Mclllroy to win the US Open on Wendesday before the tournament. He was quite an overlay, and none of the so called genuis golfing experts on pgatour.com had picked him in their top ten.

And that is a very good han... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

And that is a very good handicap of Boehner's. It is disappointing we didn't get to see his swing. Maybe he can give Obama some pointers..in golf.

Gee, really? You would thin... (Below threshold)

Gee, really? You would think with all the high level golf summits Barry has throughout every week it would should on the job?

Guess he's a slow learner or just plain ignorant. I opt for both.

Sure, deals and strong rela... (Below threshold)

Sure, deals and strong relationships are built by the affluent as they play endless rounds of golf together, taking Mrs Pelosi's advice and making sure it doesn't matter so much who wins.

This is not a good visual for Mr. Boehner: the President patting him on the back as they walk away together.






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