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Obamanomics: Petition To Ban Job-Killing ATMs

The folks from the Media Research Center decided to see how many people would sign a petition to end the job-killing ATM menace.

Some people will sign anything.

Completely related: The Real Problem with ATMs


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Quite a few in Congress wer... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

Quite a few in Congress were convinced to sign on as co-authors to a bill to ban the deadly chemical Di-Hydrogen Oxide several years ago. The teenage mastermind of that stunt revealed what he had done before the bill reached the floor.

No word on if the EPA will realize that they too have been had when it comes to Carbon Di-Oxide.

At first I was shocked at h... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

At first I was shocked at how many people were stupid enough to sign this thing.

Then I remembered Obama won with over 60 million votes in 2008. We have LOTS of stupid people.

When Obama says stuff like ... (Below threshold)

When Obama says stuff like that it really seems like he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.

I'm really starting to have a hard time believing the idea that Obama is all that smart in the first place.

Why has no one brought up t... (Below threshold)
Jerry M:

Why has no one brought up the fact that Obama's quest for green jobs will destroy more jobs than it will create. Spain's experience with green jobs has been 2.2 jobs in the rest of the economy have been destroyed for every green job created. When is the Republican leadership going to call him out on this BS. Anyone connected to the auto industry should be scared to death of electric vehicles which will kill all kinds of jobs without replacing very many.

So did they survey the sign... (Below threshold)

So did they survey the signers afterward and see how many voted for Barry? I'm thinking 100%

He didn't realize it at the... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

He didn't realize it at the time but when Alexander Hamilton quipped that the people "are a great beast" he was talking about Democrat voters.

In addition to raising the minimum voting age we really, really need to have basic intelligence tests as prerequisites to voting. Post haste.

What this really shows is t... (Below threshold)

What this really shows is that people will be suckered into supporting nonsense just by sticking "job-killing" into the title. So congrats to the Republicans for figuring this out and using it to their political advantage. Though it does show that their feigned interest in job creation is just a con.






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