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Words are not necessary, the graphic tells the unemployment story


Via BigGovernment by way of Kim Priestap in email.


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Over the last two years eve... (Below threshold)

Over the last two years every time an adverse unemployment report comes out, the main-stream media covers for the Obama administration by saying it was "unexpected." When are they and this administration going to get a clue? Oh thats right, only 8% of this administration has ever made payroll or had prior business experience at some point earlier in their careers. 2012 can't get her soon enough.

SF - Brucepall

Any day now, Reuters, AP, B... (Below threshold)

Any day now, Reuters, AP, Bloomberg, MSMBC, and the NYTimes main-stream media spin machine will finally report the news instead of making it...

They're nothing but emotional prostitutes looking for facts to fit their story. Thank the lucky stars we got Wizbangblog to set things right. You guys are the greatest!

Semper Fidelis-

Dem response"We ju... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Dem response

"We just need more money to put into it. It will work we know it will"

For many of the voters in o... (Below threshold)

For many of the voters in our country "words" are necessary. Unfortunately our government and the press have a problem with "words." They omit the factual "words" or use "words" designed to confuse or deceive.
I don't have a problem with the "word" to describe them. They are "liars."

Graphs are good at tracking... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

Graphs are good at tracking numbers and trends across a time line but, the difference between where Obamalala said his policies would lead us and reality is a tremendous amount of misery. The effect on the economy, if this continues, will almost be irreversible. I was one that said that I hoped Obamalala's economic policies would fail. He hasn't failed enough.

Red line should say, "Actua... (Below threshold)

Red line should say, "Actual Unemployment Rate WITH STIMULUS."

Keep in mind, however, Demo... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Keep in mind, however, Democrat voters are so incredibly stupid they could look at that graph and still completely miss the point.

Red line should say, "Ac... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Red line should say, "Actual Unemployment Rate WITH STIMULUS."

Excepting, of course, that it is not the actual unemployment rate because those numbers have been artificially reduced by arbitrarily eliminating hoards of people from the work force. The actual unemployment rate should be more like 12-15% if the government were honest.

If you look closely at the ... (Below threshold)

If you look closely at the graph you'll note 6 tiny ticks down on the graph. Each and every time the unemployment number ticked DOWN in the last 30 months, the Obama Cabal claimed CREDIT! Each time. Every OTHER month they simply blamed Bush.

Obama's hope is to change America into a failed nation...and he is on track.

p.s. Semper Fi, Brucepall

"if the government were hon... (Below threshold)

"if the government were honest."

Well now your just being silly.

Just more of that Hope and ... (Below threshold)

Just more of that Hope and Change we were promised by the 'best administration, evah!'.

"Obama's hope is to chan... (Below threshold)

"Obama's hope is to change America into a failed nation...and he is on track."

I think I'll disagree with you on what his hope is, Brucepall - I don't think he wants to see the US fail - I think he's got a vision of what the US should be, and it's a vision that's been carefully taught him over the years. The US, as it was in his opinion, was an 'evil entity' that didn't provide enough government support to people at all levels. He campaigned on 'hope and change', figured people wouldn't (a) question what he meant by it, or (b) wouldn't be alarmed when they found out it was a massive increase of government responsibility and spending.

I mean, this is what you're SUPPOSED to do, following the European model, where government is the primary provider for social services and medical care. Government is seen by the left (and forgive me, Art W and Chico, if I overgeneralize here) as being far more capable and competent at running a population than the individuals who make up that population are. People - make choices. They'll make wrong choices, they'll make stupid ones, they'll make thoughtless ones - and all those will cause problems in their lives. Government can both solve the problems (IE mortgage bailouts) while taking away the need for people to make choices which they could get wrong. (IE Cash 4 Clunkers, food restrictions, energy usage restrictions (IE banning incandescents, the forcing a change to more efficient cars, green energy and the like))

Take people and their choices out of the equation, and the country becomes a wonderful Disney-like place, with an overall benevolent controller making sure the wrong choices can't be made.

That was his vision, I think.

And reality just won't cooperate!

Divider not uniter..... (Below threshold)

Divider not uniter..

JLawson,You know I... (Below threshold)


You know I wouldn't think or say that. Perhaps you were responding to Justrand cause he sent me back a Semper Fi.

Anyways, I wouldn't be as, how can I say it... ah yes, charitable... when it comes to our President's vision, as I did just about loose my composure over project Gunrunner earlier today.

I've sent letters to both my Senators and Representative as well (off in the mail about 10 minutes ago), expressing my displeasure over the actions and behaviors of our DOJ with their gunrunning program; I asked that a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate.

If thats not a vote of no-confidence in our Executive Branch of Government... I don't know what is. I'm still unsatisfied though, and remain torqued about the whole sordid affair. FWIW

Semper Fidelis-

Fitting graph. Seeing as t... (Below threshold)

Fitting graph. Seeing as today is the first day of the "Second Summer of Wreckovery".

Obama is like an 18th Centu... (Below threshold)

Obama is like an 18th Century doctor trying to cure a patient of smallpox ... by bleeding him to remove the "ill humours" from his blood.

When the patient gets even sicker, he justifies his actions by proclaiming, "But imagine how much worse he would have been if we hadn't bled him!"






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