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A Slightly Different Presidential Poll

Yes, it's me again, asking readers to vote on Presidents.  This time though, I'd like you to answer a slightly different poll. 


Who are the best and worst Presidents you have actually voted for, and why?


Yes, this means you can't vote here for someone unless they actually won the election in which you voted.  And yes that means you have to have actually voted for the President you mention, which means Chico and Art, as well as anyone else under voting age, will have to sit this one out.  For the adults, however, this discussion could be interesting, especially for those of us with buyer's remorse.


I reserve the right to "rephrase" any submission from a bloglodyte.  I've had a bad week and am in a mood to rearrange trolls.


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Comments (39)

Best: George W. Bush '00. <... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Best: George W. Bush '00.
Hell, I voted for Clinton 2x and I still couldn't vote The Wood Man. On 9/11/01, I was very, very happy with my vote.

Worst: Mondale '84.
Hey, as an 18 year old it was my first time voting as an indoctrinated Bay Area liberal, forgive me.

Well, lets start by definin... (Below threshold)

Well, lets start by defining the field:

I voted the first time for Reagan in 1980. So the presidents I voted for are:

Bush I
Against Clinton (Bush I)
Against Clinton (Held my nose and voted R)
Bush II
Bush II
Against Obama (But held my nose voting for McCain)

So, for best president out of the choices - Reagan. Worst of the three - Bush I, I think.

As for my votes for every election - I have no buyers remorse. I voted for the best available candidate EVERY time. Sometimes the rest of the country got it wrong.

I can already tell you who I vote for next time - "ABO - Anybody But Obama".

BEST:I graduated in ... (Below threshold)
Burton Choinski:

I graduated in 82, so I missed out on Reagan the first time, but went for him in re-election.

Probably Bush I (may have been a bit because who could measure up to Ron?

That way back it gets a bit fuzzy, but I'm sure I voted Bush I over Clinton. Actually, I'm pretty sure I voted Republican all the time.

However, in the past I was willing to vote Democrat locally in order to balance things (If unknown for choices, vote to balance party, or vote to balance male/female).

It's sad that in these past two cycles I have had to go right down the R ticket (though still looking at male/female balance if I had no information) simple because the D's in my state were so reprehensible.

Meh, to easy...1. ... (Below threshold)

Meh, to easy...

1. Reagan in '80 & '84 - Best ever.

2. Bush I in '88 - Worst, although I did campaign work for Nixon in '72 when I was 17.

Best: Ronnie twice.<p... (Below threshold)

Best: Ronnie twice.

Worst: "Read my lips! What's the price of that gallon of milk again?"

I only had 2 to choose from... (Below threshold)

I only had 2 to choose from that meet DJ's criteria, so it was almost a toss-up.

Best: George H.W. Bush

Worst: George W. Bush (because he spent way too much)

I can't honestly remember o... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I can't honestly remember of I voted for Reagan for his second term. I just wasn't as into politics at that age. Otherwise he'd be #1

Given the uncertainty Bush 43 is best. As was said above 9/11 validates the quality of that vote. He wouldn't forget the names of Medal of Honor recipients.

Worst: Clinton in 1992. The whole "read my lips" episode made it too hard to vote for 41 again.

A word of caution to conservatives: don't fall for the seduction of the MSM and trying to please the beltway. That is the path to political destruction.

Reagan was the best.<... (Below threshold)

Reagan was the best.

I assuming voting in class doesn’t count otherwise I choose Carter for the worst.

That leaves the Bushs. Bush SR who seemed to know the inner workings better than his son but he lack leadership. Yes he did many things under the radar per say but was too willing to give in. Bush JR spent too much in his second term and seemed to collapse when the Democrat won back Congress.

I still have to go with Bush SR as the worst.

Any bets on how many liberals will post on this subject?

Best by far was Reagan twic... (Below threshold)

Best by far was Reagan twice.
Worst evah: Jimmy Carter(still can't believe I actually voted for the guy.)

Absolute Worst.......Carter... (Below threshold)
Dave in Alaska:

Absolute Worst.......Carter
....(okay, I was a Democrat at the time)came from a union Family...
..I have asked God to forgive and I think he has......

Best Ever...Ronald Reagan(twice)

Well, I cant actually remem... (Below threshold)

Well, I cant actually remember filling in the oval for Reagan either, but I know I voted against Mundane so I was there 84'. Voted against the misery index my first time even though as jim says, I did not care about politics back then.

But that whole asinine stuff about turning the furnace down and wearing an extra sweater. Nuts! I live in Minnesota.

The msm will definitely try to pick a lame duck sleeper rino to run against Barry, then drop a scandalous bombshell once they are selected.

Not going there.

This is hard, as the worst ... (Below threshold)

This is hard, as the worst president is not someone I voted for, Jimmy Carter with Barack Obama a close 2nd.

Best for me was Reagan in '80. What a difference that man made to those of us in active duty military families.

2nd would be George W Bush in '00 and '04.

My very first presidential vote was for Nixon. Even with Watergate, he was nowhere near as bad as Carter or Obama.

Worst I voted for? Richard... (Below threshold)

Worst I voted for? Richard Nixon Why? You're kidding, right?

Best? Ronald Reagan. Enough said.

My first time was in 1976 f... (Below threshold)

My first time was in 1976 for Carter. I was 19 and a know it all kid. I knew that Ford was no good. He ruined it for me when he pardoned Nixon. To compound the problem, I voted for Carter again in 1980. (23) Glad that fell through and Reagan got the job. Voted for Reagan the second time around. Bush I was the next one. Then when Bush I ran again in 92 there was another choice in Ross Perot. A wasted vote and it let Clintoon in. Got smart when Bush II ran. Voted for him twice. As others here have said, had to hold my nose for McPain. Sure as hell did not like the fool we have in there now.

I'm with Sharon and Dave in... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

I'm with Sharon and Dave in Alaska - Thank God McGovern didn't get elected! Nixon and Watergate are preferable.

Best - Reagan (both times)<... (Below threshold)
gdb central Texas:

Best - Reagan (both times)
Worst - Nixon (my first presidential election in '72, and still a better choice than McGovern)

Best: Ronald Reagan ... (Below threshold)

Best: Ronald Reagan
- No explanation required

Worst: George W. Bush
- Spent too much money that we don't have.

Best: Ronald Wilson Reagan<... (Below threshold)

Best: Ronald Wilson Reagan

Worst: Richard Milhous Nixon

1960 voted for Nixon... (Below threshold)

1960 voted for Nixon
1964 voted for LBJ
1968 voted for Hubert Humphrey
1972 voted for McGovern
1976 voted for Jimmah Cahtah
1980 voted for Jimmah Cahtah
1984 voted for Mondale
1988 voted for George H. Bush
1992 voted for George H. Bush
1996 voted for Robert Dole
2000 voted for George W. Bush
2004 voted for George W. Bush
2008 voted for McCain

So, I had winners in 1964 (LBJ), 1976 (Jimmah), 1988 (Bush I) and 2000 and 2004 (Bush 2).

Bush 2 I liked, still do and I think his star will rise. The others, even his father not so much. I'm still a democrat but never did like Clinton, and I believe his star will fall much like LBJ's has the further we get from his presidency. Nixon, was actually a pretty good president, but rather 'tricky' shall we say about integrity; also very paranoid. It wasn't long after voting for LBJ that I wished for my vote back. Those of you who remember the 'Daisy Ad' that LBJ put out about how Goldwater would use the bomb was nothing but projection on his part.

And yes, I've been around a long time...for those of you with calculators, remember in 1960 you had to be 21 to vote, not 18 like it is now.

BEST: 2000 GWBWORS... (Below threshold)

BEST: 2000 GWB

WORST: 1992 Billary

Yes I remember the daisy Ad... (Below threshold)

Yes I remember the daisy Ad.

Should do one now with Barry in a sand trap digging us deeper and deeper into debt. Only it wouldn't be projecting would it.

Best: Ronaldus Magnus... (Below threshold)

Best: Ronaldus Magnus

Worst: George W. Bush, RINO, Illegal Hispanderer & profligate spender of other peoples money.

Worst I voted for was Carte... (Below threshold)
Paul Walker:

Worst I voted for was Carter in 1976 mainly as a reaction to Nixon who I hated (although in later years he looked better in hindsight). The best was Reagan in 1980( I did not like him at the time but anyone was better that Carter). I made a complete conversion to Conservatism with Reagan's success and happily voted for him a second time in 1984. Reagan's version of Conservatism worked to restore the country's prosperity as well as confidence about its place in world affairs. It will work again if someone has the spine to implement it.

Best: Dubya the CiC<p... (Below threshold)

Best: Dubya the CiC

Worst: Dubya the big spender

He's the only guy I've ever voted for that won.

George W Bush: best, worst... (Below threshold)

George W Bush: best, worst, and only

1988 and earlier, I was too young to vote. In 1992, 1996, and 2008, the guy I voted for lost. I voted for the winner in 2000 and 2004, but it was the same guy

Not an interesting answer, I know. Insh'allah, I'll have a more interesting answer in four years (there being no chance on Earth I'll vote for the incumbent or anyone else in his party in 2012)

Hmm...I voted for ... (Below threshold)


I voted for the following:


Worst voted for/best voted for of winners? Hmm... Since I only have two winners, Bush was better than Clinton, but really not by a lot. At least Willie moved rightward over his terms, while W disappointingly moved leftward (especially late). Of course, the Republican congress helped coax Willie to that movement, but...

Most embarrassing vote? Dukakis (by a lot). That was most definitely a leftist educational system, coupled with a union upbringing vote (as was Willie). Though I must say that Dole and McCain didn't have me jumping for joy...

First voting in 1972, I've ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

First voting in 1972, I've never (yet) voted GOP for President, and probably never will. However, the one vote I'd regret, had he won, would be for Dukakis in 1988. Bush41 was SO much better equipped to deal with the dissolution of the Soviet empire. I think the consequences may have been dire had we had anyone else at the helm at the time.

I didn't agree with Bush41's domestic policies, and didn't vote for him in 1992, but in retrospect I'm glad he was President those 4 years. They might well have been disastrous otherwise. The only major faults in his foreign policy, in my opinion, were the invasion of Panama and the nation-building nonsense in Somalia.

The only presidential candi... (Below threshold)

The only presidential candidate I have ever voted for is Richard Nixon. In all other cases, I have been voting against a lesser evil. Richard Nixon had the love of his countrymen and was re-elected by a larger plurality of the votes than Reagan got. There really was a 'silent majority'. The MSM could not stand to see one man with that much love and took to the project of destroying him. At the same time they were building up John Kerry. Those were terrible times in America. And it was a time before the people realized what Liars and Scoundrels the press really were. Remember, the crime of Watergate was committed against the DNC. It was a schoolboy prank and not nearly as heinous as the eMail hacker that snooped into Sarah Palin's private account during the 2008 campaign.

Many have said that Dick Nixon was Paranoid. It is not paranoia when they really are out to get you.

Worst I ever voted for was ... (Below threshold)

Worst I ever voted for was Carter in 76, as he ran on being a Christian.

Best I ever voted for was Reagan, 80 and 84.

I would, however, give W a 2nd best.

1 & 1+ President Ronald Wil... (Below threshold)

1 & 1+ President Ronald Wilson Sarah Louise Heath Palin Reagan Worst Mr GHW Bush.

Best: Ronaldus Magnus, seco... (Below threshold)

Best: Ronaldus Magnus, second term. One month too young to vote for him the first time.

Worst: Either Bush. Four nose holding elections there. Narrowing it down further would require too much soul searching. The only consolation is that in each case, they were running against something even more unacceptable.

easily W is the worst. Bef... (Below threshold)

easily W is the worst. Before Zero he was the biggest Democrat ever. By FAR. I call him President Kennedy 43, since Ted made all his decisions.

Foreign policy, he was acceptable, to good even sometimes. Domestically, BAD. BAD BAD. Worst ever (and the reason we got Zero).

My worst ever: Carter. (Han... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

My worst ever: Carter. (Hangs head in shame, but pleads I was young and foolish.)

My best: Reagan, with Bush II behind him.

(Continuing on the shame theme, I actually voted for Gore in 2000, in a tossup decided strictly by experience, and because it wasn't then obvious (or perhaps even the case) that Gore was nuts.

Moral: I need to become more suspicious of Dem candidates, probably because the media press their grimy thumbs so heavily on the Dem side of the balance.

First election: '84 ... (Below threshold)

First election:
'84 - Reagan
'88 - Bush I
'92 - Bush I
'96 - Dole
'00 - Bush II
'04 - Bush II
'08 - McCain
'12 - ABO

Reagan was by far the best. I look forward to being old and telling my grandchildren that I actually voted for Reagan.

Bush I was the other end. I don't want to say worst because he was better than the Democrat alternative. I hated voting for Dole or McCain. I also have to add that Bush II in his 2nd term disappointed me greatly with his spending. It's probably done more to turn me into a libertarian than anything else.

Best: Reagan in 1984<... (Below threshold)

Best: Reagan in 1984

Worst: Carter in 1976

Note: In 1980 after voting for Carter in 1976, I determined I simply knew so little of what I was voting for/against I simply did not vote at all!

I wonder how many Obama voters are going to do the same thing in 2012?

'80 - Reagan'84 - Re... (Below threshold)

'80 - Reagan
'84 - Reagan
'88 - Bush I
'92 - Bush I
'96 - Dole
'00 - Bush II
'04 - Bush II
'08 - McCain

I'm proud to have voted for Reagan, a truly great President. Both Bushes were disappointments. I'll take pride in voting against Obama in 2012. I disliked him in 2008, but my intensity is in the stratosphere now.

Worst: CarterBest: R... (Below threshold)
rodney dill:

Worst: Carter
Best: Reagan

Worst that I voted for? Ji... (Below threshold)
MAJ Arkay:

Worst that I voted for? Jimmy Carter (yeah, I was young and stupidly idealistic, or maybe just stupid)

Worst that I did not/will not vote for? Barack Obama

Best that I voted for? Ronald Reagan
Best that I didn't vote for? Not happened yet

The worst is easy, Jimmah C... (Below threshold)

The worst is easy, Jimmah Carter.

I did not vote for Reagan - I was still a blue dog Dem back then. Wish I could say I did. I'll have to take a pass on the best vote for a winning pres.
Lord, I was the enemy of good government for so many years it is humbling to look back at the scurvy crew that i actually voted for, and who won.

Fortunately, the republic survived my persistent stupidity.






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