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Selective Outrage

Earlier today, I published a little piece about women and their role in international politics. I freely admit it was very shoddily written, with a mediocre title, poor styling, and several factual errors. The underlying point -- that a large part of the world is very sexist -- was solid, but I undermined that with the actual poor quality of the article.

Which was exactly my intent.

I was curious how some of our resident detractors would handle my publishing a piece with a big, glaring factual error -- one largely incidental to the main point. I suspected they would pounce all over it, using it as an excuse to bat me around and avoid the actual subject. And hoo boy, did they ever.

Which satisfied me immensely.

You want proof I did that delibarately? Look at that piece again. Take the first letter of each word in the title, and it spells out "CRICE" -- as in Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State under President George W. Bush. And take the first letter of each paragraph, and it spells out "ALBRIGHTM" -- as in Albright, Madeleine, the first woman to serve as Secretary of State.

That was NOT a coincidence, folks. And it's why I had a crappy title and rather stilted writing -- far below my normal standards. (Yes, I have them. Honest.)

But there was a further point than making the usual crowd of bozos look stupid.

Last week, President Obama spoke to the 10th Mountain Division of the US Army. He lauded some of their heroes -- including Medal of Honor Winner Sergeant First Class Jared Monti.

Unfortunately, Obama, his staff, and his Teleprompter all blew it. None of them bothered to actually check the facts surrounding SFC Monti's feat of heroism.

Obama said he was proud to have awarded Monti the Medal of Honor, and he was the first living recipient of the award since Viet Nam.

Which was completely and utterly wrong. Monti died in Afghanistan fighting terrorists. His patrol was attacked, and one of his men was wounded and trapped. Monti braved enemy fire three times to try to rescue him, but was forced back twice. On the third attempt, he was  fatally wounded. But the artillery and air support he had called in did kill 22 of the enemy.

The first living recipient of the Medal of Honor since Viet Nam was Sgt. Salvatore Giunta, who whom President Obama presented with his award on November 16, 2010.

And President Obama presented the family of Sgt. Monti with his award on September 17, 2009.

This is not a simple mistake. This is a gross insult, one that could only come about through gross negligence. It shows that Obama and his staff simply didn't care enough to remember the details of those two ceremonies, or to double-check the facts, before he gave his speech. It demonstrates a level of disregard that borders on contempt for the members of the Armed Services, especially the 10th Mountain Division that he thought he was honoring.

Compared to that, my little fumbling about female world leaders and Secretaries of State seems -- rightfully -- downright trivial.

But it is incredibly revealing how many people jumped all over those mistakes to denounce me, had little to nothing to say about Obama's insult.

Especially you, Chico. Thanks SO much for playing. I quite literally couldn't have done it without you.


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Comments (31)

Well played.... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Well played.

Well done. It's always fun ... (Below threshold)
Mark W:

Well done. It's always fun to see the liberals skewered by their own logic, or lack thereof. However, I won't deny that those of us on the right could often easily be played just like this.

Pwned!... (Below threshold)


Not to mention that they st... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Not to mention that they stumbled all over themselves to name female heads of state but neglected to mention the first female head of an essentially western nation: Golda Meir of Israel. Also the only female head of state raised and educated in the US.

I kept waiting but for some reason nobody wants to give the Jewish nation any credit. Hmmm.

Jay Tea, like a little kid ... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, like a little kid dropping the ball:
"I meant to do that!"

As for Obama's fuck-up, I've already criticized that on the thread that Rodney devoted to that.

Is it required to denounce it on every thread, or is that "changing the subject?"

I'm surprised you didn't blow a kiss to Romney in this piece, too.

neglected to mention the... (Below threshold)

neglected to mention the first female head of an essentially western nation: Golda Meir of Israel.

Um, that's because Israel was one of the few nations JT mentioned in his piece as having female leaders, referring to Meir. So it's not part of the anti-Semitic Muslim Commie conspiracy when others didn't say he didn't mention it.

On the other hand, I know, it's hard to get though the blather.

Someone sounds a little def... (Below threshold)

Someone sounds a little defensive. (chico)

In fairness, Chica wasn't o... (Below threshold)
jim m:

In fairness, Chica wasn't one of obama's defenders with regard to the MoH gaffe.

However, a lot of people were quick to point out JT's errors and not just the resident libs. When you are wrong you are wrong and it is appropriate to make it right when you are. That is what the left does not do with obama. They routinely give him a pass on facts and some really amazingly ignorant statements. No such grace would ever be given to a conservative. Not even by conservatives.

What is seen is the difference between the right, where truth and facts matter, and the left, where winning matters.

"But it is incredibly revea... (Below threshold)

"But it is incredibly revealing how many people jumped all over those mistakes to denounce me, had little to nothing to say about Obama's insult."

I re-read the thread and it seems to me that the majority of people who offered corrections did so rather politely. Why those polite "corrections" were not offered with a slap at Obama? I can only surmise because you did not address that in your post. Why go off topic? I think your trick was rather contrived. Sorry.

Dave, you're right. It was ... (Below threshold)

Dave, you're right. It was pretty much Chico. In fact, two commenters got private e-mails asking them not to blow the plan.

Chico was near the top of the target list, along with Art W. And while I regret not giving Art more time to hang himself, Chico thoroughly beclowned himself.

Thanks SO much, Chico. Couldn't have done it without you.

Oh, and Chico? I knew you'd play the "yeah, you really meant to make those mistakes" card. That's why I buried Rice's and Albright's names in the piece. That took a bit of work.


heh...I just wondered if yo... (Below threshold)

heh...I just wondered if you were just having an off day. Well played.

I didn't jump on your factu... (Below threshold)
James H:

I didn't jump on your factual errors, Jay Tea. I just jumped on your overall point.

Jay Tea, like a little k... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

Jay Tea, like a little kid dropping the ball:
"I meant to do that!"

Yes, Chica, he really did mean to do that. You trolls are so predictable.

"Especially the 10th Mounta... (Below threshold)

"Especially the 10th Mountain Division that he thought he was honoring."

Barry should have been honest with them and stuck to golfing instead.

Chico should be honest with himself and lay off the kook aid.

Barry awarded both medals, ... (Below threshold)

Barry awarded both medals, yet NONE of his staff remembered. After all, it's not like it was IMPORTANT.

And none of it was reported by the MSM. Just another gaffe to be covered over, while nailing Palin to the cross for every perceived error.

But as Garofalo likes to say, 'the liberal press is a myth'.

Ain't they all sooooooooooo intelligent?

I felt like a bit of a bozo... (Below threshold)

I felt like a bit of a bozo myself. I could not remember when you had ever made such an obvious mistake so if I was smarter I should have known something was up. But, hey, you will not catch me again. NEVER! Well, maybe never.

Rather an elaborate scheme ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Rather an elaborate scheme to prove what is already evident.

Well, I umm, SPOTTED THE TR... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:


Sure, that's the ticket. As I said to my wife,....Morgan Fairchild - whom I've seen naked many times - "They'll never put one over on me."

Yeah, that's it.

Morgan Fairchild? ... (Below threshold)

Morgan Fairchild?

Well, at least you have good taste in your fantasies.

In reality at the ballot box, not so much.

Actually, Sep14, Bruce was ... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

Actually, Sep14, Bruce was making a reference to Lon Lovitz's character on Saturday Night Live, Tommy.


yawn.... (Below threshold)
Art W:


I thought it was a good art... (Below threshold)

I thought it was a good article, LOL!

I think having female leaders in the US has already made a tremendous impact on the rest of the world. Things may not yet be perfect, but if the US had not shown leadership on this issue, things would be a lot worse for women all over the world.

Would other countries challenge/disrespect us more if we were to elect a female president? I don't think so. Remember when Biden warned us that something would happen as soon as Obama was elected, that "we would be tested?" Why, because we were electing a complete moron? Ha! My point being that the US is a huge and powerful country. In spite of the propaganda, people want to emulate us, they recognize our power. Where the US leads, the rest will follow, to some degree.

There are some backwards nations that don't want to deal with women, but if you understand how misogyny works, it's really irrelevant to them whether or not that woman is in the white house or on the street without her face covered.

Wart in #21;Yeah, ... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Wart in #21;

Yeah, that's pretty much my reaction whenever you post.

I'm still not convinced it ... (Below threshold)

I'm still not convinced it wasn't the Tequila.

If you take the last letter of every other paragraph and then progress to the unused last letters and mix in the last letters of the title at a prime series progression you can solve a secret message encrypted in the Smithy Code.

I'll give you a hint: it involves a worm.

#22We WERE tested,... (Below threshold)
Ryan M.:


We WERE tested, Multiple times. And Obama failed the tests. . . .

Its a gaffe, little more th... (Below threshold)

Its a gaffe, little more than minor. I wonder how the media would have treated George W. Bush with the same gaffe. I distinctly remember how people would say and send emails on how little George W. Bush cared for the troops, which I always found insulting. My squadron lost 4 members and George W. personally wrote each of their families.

Really, if you spent all th... (Below threshold)

Really, if you spent all that time developing your crafty plan and writing the piece with the title and paragraph words as you say, the joke's on you.

So much time and effort for so little effect. You won't get back those three hours.

I personally wouldn't mind ... (Below threshold)
Art W:

I personally wouldn't mind living rent free in Jay Tea's head if it wasn't such a small, cramped, dark little place....

@ 28,Yawn.... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

@ 28,


@ 27,I figure it w... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

@ 27,

I figure it was worth Jay Tea's time and effort to see you beclown yourself.

And then double down in post #6 inthis thread.

And then triple down in #27.

Definitely worth it.

So much time and effort ... (Below threshold)

So much time and effort for so little effect. You won't get back those three hours.

Chico, you underestimate me. 3 hours? You're off by about a factor of TEN.







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