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Michelle Bachmann Makes A Mistake, As Seen On NBC Nightly News

A Republican makes a mistake and all the usual suspects jump like dogs:

And as NewsBusters reports, still nothing on Obama’s Medal of Honor Mess.


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Parasites..... (Below threshold)


Hypocrites!No libe... (Below threshold)


No liberal bias at all, right Janeane?

Maybe if Barry has time bet... (Below threshold)

Maybe if Barry has time between rounds he can call out the National Guard to restore civility.

"And as NewsBusters reports... (Below threshold)

"And as NewsBusters reports, still nothing on Obama’s Medal of Honor Mess."

With all due respect to the military alive or dead, that's actually one of Obama's less mind-numbing gaffes. Eesh, what kind of moron doesn't know how many states there are in this country? For God's sake, he was born in the 50th and last state to be admitted!

"what kind of moron doesn'... (Below threshold)

"what kind of moron doesn't know how many states there are in this country? For God's sake, he was born in the 50th and last state to be admitted!"

Is Indonesia one of the 57 States?

LSM bias is a good reason w... (Below threshold)

LSM bias is a good reason why Michelle Bachmann needs to be careful about what she says. She should have been sure of The Duke's hometown or should not have mentioned it.

Doesn't matter, Bob. She c... (Below threshold)

Doesn't matter, Bob. She could state 2+2=4, and the media will criticise it somehow.

Everyone's human, everyone makes mistakes. It's when the mistakes become an obvious pattern that there's a problem.

Just pay attention to where the media finds mistakes, and obsesses about them. If Obama had made the same mistake, it wouldn't even have been noticed.

The media is trying to say ... (Below threshold)

The media is trying to say that Bachmann was mistaking John Wayne for John Wayne Gacy. Gacy is a well-known corpsman.


Even mainstream republicans... (Below threshold)

Even mainstream republicans are piling on. What is the usual politico's afraid of? Someone that will challenge the status quo? I think so.

I haven't even considered who to vote for yet but I have to say like Dennis Miller said: She is pissing off all the right people which makes me like her.

I was born in one of the 57 states and am a proud american. Well, not really proud. I wasn't proud until Obama was elected. (Michelles quote) ww

Conservatives - Liars? No! ... (Below threshold)
Art W:

Conservatives - Liars? No! Say it isn't so...

Minnesota representative Michele Bachmann told Bob Schieffer of CBS' "Face The Nation" that, when asked about a Politifact fact-check spread that attempted to verify 23 of her statements and found only one of them completely true, she did not mislead anyone. Then, on national television, she added more falsehoods to the total.

Do all conservatives lie through their teeth?

At least Palin has the excuse that she's stupid. Bachmann is just plain untruthful -- intentionally and without hesitation.

Here's what conservative blogs aren't telling you about this exchange.

Schieffer asked Bachmann, "A lot of your critics say you have been very fast and loose with the truth. You know, the po-- PolitiFact, which is a website that won a Pulitzer did an analysis of twenty-three statements that you made recently. Of these twenty-three, only one they said was completely true. Seven they call pants on fire kind of falsehoods. Four were barely true and two were half truths. How do you answer that criticism? Because here’s one of them, you know, you said on the record there had been only one offshore oil drilling permit during the Obama administration and, in fact at that time they had been two hundred and seventy. How do you explain that?"

Bachmann answered, "Well, you know, I think that what is clear more than anything is the fact that President Obama does-- has not been issuing the permits, that he should have been issuing on offshore drilling that’s--"

What was clear was she didn't want to answer the question. Schieffer pressed, noting that there had been over 300 permits issued to date, more than when the fact-checking was completed. She continued to go after Obama and not answer the question.

Bachmann plays off the hate for Obama and boldly lies on national television. When her history of lies is brought up Michelle Bachmann doubles down and lies again... knowing that her faithful legion of liars and sycophants will come to her aid.

and you guys let her get away with it and don't call her on it?

Another of Bachmann's bold-... (Below threshold)
Art W:

Another of Bachmann's bold-faced lies on national television.

Instead, she barreled on. She even stated in her rush to condemn President Obama's move to release 30 million barrels of oil from the U. S. as making the country "vulnerable." She said, "it’s ironic and sad that the President released all of the oil from the Strategic Oil Reserve because the President doesn’t have an energy policy."

All of the oil? Hardly. The U. S. has 726.6 million barrels of oil in four storage sites in Louisiana and Texas for emergency use as part of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, according to Reuters.

Ok, so maybe she is as stupid as Palin and a bold-faced liar.

Does she not know the actual amount of the strategic reserves -- or did she know and intentionally lie, knowing people like John Stansbury would lie for her if she was called on it?

What do you say about this, John. Why aren't you reporting on Bachmann's 22 lies - which she tried to explain away by lying yet again?

All candidates opposing dem... (Below threshold)

All candidates opposing democrats (as well as commentators) should form a pact to boycott the lamestream - no interviews, no comments. Let's see how long they survive with republicans, independants, TEA party, et al refusing to advertise on their networks.

Palin tried that - just avo... (Below threshold)
Art W:

Palin tried that - just avoiding the press - and as soon as she opened her mouth with her guard down -- teh stupid time! So what did Sarah do? SHE QUIT. Yes, she quit her bus tour.

Yeah, Bachmann should not give interviews anywhere except on Fox News, where they KNOW she's a flake but have now promised to never point that out again...

Art, why would we even cons... (Below threshold)

Art, why would we even consider anything you have to say when all you can do is mindlessly repeat what you hear on far left sites.

Palin didn't "quit her tour". She interrupted it because she was called for jury duty. You can go on and on, but you have NO credibility. All you do is show how ignorant you are.

After all the lies, gaffes ... (Below threshold)

After all the lies, gaffes and idiocy that has come from the mouth of Barrack H. Obama, am I really suppose to be concerned with some gaffes from Bachmann??

When I see more even-handed coverage of this crap, then maybe it will matter.

Art, liberals have shown re... (Below threshold)

Art, liberals have shown repeatedly that the word "lie" means whatever they WANT it to mean. Therefore when a liberals says that someone "lied" it means nothing.

And now you shall be ignored........ since you have nothing significant to say.

Art W said on this blog fou... (Below threshold)

Art W said on this blog four weeks ago that Palin's emails would bring her down and totally disappoint us right wingers. I have since requested of Art W numberous times to provide what was found that was devastating. He has ignored the questions. Since he used this site to make that statement many times, I think it only fair to ignore the ass Art W until he provides the "devastating" information that his people were going to find on Palin. Art W needs to walk what he talks since he requires that of republicans.

Go to Factcheck to see the MANY obama lies listed. Makes Bachman look like a rookie. ww

Now Bachmann is claiming th... (Below threshold)

Now Bachmann is claiming that the Founding Fathers ended slavery. http://blogs.abcnews.com/george/2011/06/john-quincy-adams-a-founding-father-michele-bachmann-says-yes.html

Please, please GOP, don't nominate this woman!

John Jay, great su... (Below threshold)
John Jay, great supporter of the Constitution after its creation and an author of The Federalist wrote in 1786, "It is much to be wished that slavery may be abolished. The honour of the States, as well as justice and humanity, in my opinion, loudly call upon them to emancipate these unhappy people. To contend for our own liberty, and to deny that blessing to others, involves an inconsistency not to be excused."

Oliver Ellsworth, one of the signers of the Constitution wrote, a few months after the Convention adjourned, "All good men wish the entire abolition of slavery, as soon as it can take place with safety to the public, and for the lasting good of the present wretched race of slaves."

Patrick Henry, the great Virginian patriot, refused to attend the Convention because he "smelt a rat," was outspoken on the issue, despite his citizenship in a slave state. In 1773, he wrote, "I believe a time will come when an opportunity will be offered to abolish this lamentable evil. Everything we do is to improve it, if it happens in our day; if not, let us transmit to our descendants, together with our slaves, a pity for their unhappy lot and an abhorrence of slavery."

Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, which, famously, declares that "all men are created equal," wrote, "There must doubtless be an unhappy influence on the manners of our people produced by the existence of slavery among us. The whole commerce between master and slave is a perpetual exercise of the most boisterous passions, the most unremitting despotism on the one part, and degrading submissions on the other. Our children see this, and learn to imitate it; for man is an imitative animal. This quality is the germ of all education in him." Alas, like many Southerners, Jefferson held slaves, as many as 223 at some points in his life. His family sold his slaves after his death, in an effort to relieve the debt he left his estate in.

In a letter to the Marquis de Lafayette, George Washington wrote, "[Y]our late purchase of an estate in the colony of Cayenne, with a view to emancipating the slaves on it, is a generous and noble proof of your humanity. Would to God a like spirit would diffuse itself generally into the minds of the people of this country; but I despair of seeing it."

Washington and his wife held over 300 slaves. He wrote in his will that he'd wished to free his slaves, but that because of intermarriage between his and Martha's slaves, he feared the break-up of families should only his slaves be freed. He directed that his slaves be freed upon her death. His will provided for the continued care of all slaves, paid for from his estate.


Sometimes it takes a while to make changes.

Now Bachmann is cl... (Below threshold)
Now Bachmann is claiming that the Founding Fathers ended slavery.

That's not what Stephie is accusing her of. He is accusing her of saying that the Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery.

"Palin didn't "quit her ... (Below threshold)
Art W:

"Palin didn't "quit her tour". She interrupted it because she was called for jury duty."

It's teh easy to get a jury duty deferral. It takes a 5 minute phone call in my state.

But Sarah Palin the Quitter now had an excuse to quit her bus tour, reeling in embarrassment over her Paul Revere gaffe.

And of course, she quit.

It wasn't a question of "if" Palin would quit, only a question of when.

Can't blame Art for getting... (Below threshold)

Can't blame Art for getting worked up into a lather. The Marist poll today shows that Obama's overall approval behind his disapproval, and his disapproval way up on economic issues. Looks like anybody will beat him next year.

It's teh easy to g... (Below threshold)
It's teh easy to get a jury duty deferral. It takes a 5 minute phone call in my state.

Not where I've lived. I couldn't even get a deferral as a practicing lawyer. In fact, the Jury Commissioner was known for attaching potential jurors on the street when the pool ran low.

The more important issue is that Art can't help but bringing up Palin, no matter what the topic.

Is Indonesia one of the 57 ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Is Indonesia one of the 57 States?

It used to be back in 2008, which is ... uh ... now, so yes it is. Do they still speak Austrian there?

"It's teh easy to get a jur... (Below threshold)

"It's teh easy to get a jury duty deferral. It takes a 5 minute phone call in my state."

A lot of things are easy in the state of denial. as for Alaska....

AS 09.20.035. Deferral of Jury Service.
A person may have jury service deferred if the person shows that jury service at the time for which the person is summoned will cause hardship to that person or another, that transportation problems make it temporarily impossible for the person to serve, or that the person summoned is employed as a full-time or temporary election official and the jury service is during the month in which a primary or general election is held. Jury service may be deferred under this section only if the person seeking the deferment agrees to a deferred date. Jury service may not be deferred for more than 10 months from the date the initial jury service was to begin.

Ok, so maybe she is as s... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Ok, so maybe she is as stupid as Palin and a bold-faced liar.

Palin is at least as bright as Obama. Bachmann is vastly more intelligent than Obama. She, after all, actually practiced law successfully, not confining herself to fixing traffic tickets, as Barry did.

Obviously you don't live in... (Below threshold)
Art W:

Obviously you don't live in alaska, iwog.

"Here’s what the Trial Court Handbook says about [postponing jury duty]:

Can I postpone my jury service?

If jury service at the time for which you are summoned will cause hardship, you may request deferral of service to another time within the next ten months. If you need to seek a deferral, you should do so as soon as possible. Do not wait until the time you are to appear. To reschedule your jury service, follow the instructions for question #12 on the Jury Questionnaire. If you have already sent in your questionnaire, call the jury clerk as soon as possible for instructions.

But back to Bullshitter Bachmann -- what is it with her eagerness to pile more lies on top of the dozens she's already been caught at?

Is it because she them become a victim of the LameStreamMedia in the blind eyes of the Tea Party base?

Palin is bad for interrupt... (Below threshold)

Palin is bad for interrupting her tour to perform a civic duty? Yet she is bad for quitting her duties as Governor to go on tour? I don't get it.

And now for your dining and... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

And now for your dining and dancing pleasure,here is a (partial) list of Wile E. Obama's gaffe's , stumbles and stupidity. Paste and post this list anywhere possible. (Facebook, etc.)
Doubtless , there's more to come.

Called Europe a country

Thinks there is an Austrian language (“I don’t speak Austrian”)

The day before Cinco de Mayo is apparently "Cinco de Cuatro"

Filling out NCAA basketball bracket, he spells Syracuse "Sycacuse"

"I've been in 57 states...I think one left to go."

Mispronouncing the word "corpsman" as "corpse-man", twice in the same speech

Gives a gift of incorrectly formatted DVD's to Gordon Brown

Names a tax cheat as Treasury Secretary

In introductions, forgets the name of his own Secretary of Defense

Tries to open a White House window thinking it's a door

Brain-freeze trying to figure out how to maneuver an umbrella through a gate

Thanks himself while reading the wrong line on the teleprompter

Fumbles through a teleprompter miscue at the National Academy of Sciences

Equates his terrible bowling to Special Olympics kids on Leno

Pronounced 10,000 dead from a Kansas storm when there were actually 12 deaths

Called Sunrise, FL "Sunshine"

"The time has changed for come!"

"I'm here with the Girardo family here in St. Louis." - Obama, speaking from Kansas City

Confuses the Constitution for the DOI in his own SOTU speech (the supposed Constitutional scholar)

Cites the Constitution as having been written "twenty centuries" ago

In his own words, he's apparently able to see dead people in the audience (sounds like Dem vote counting)

Claimed his parents met because of the 1965 Selma march when they actually married in 1961

Thought Japanese Emperor Hirohito was on the battleship Missouri (He also said it was an aircraft carrier) signing Japanese terms of surrender.

"Let me be absolutely clear...Israel is a strong friend of Israel's"

"Not having been there and not seeing all the facts...the Cambridge police acted stupidly."

"I wanna be very clear...that we are resolved to halt the rise of privacy." (pirates are okay though I guess)

"The reforms we seek would bring greater inefficiencies to our healthcare system." (a Freudian slip of truth for once)

Analogizes that the USPS is "always having problems", undercutting his own argument for government run healthcare.

States that inflating your tires and getting tuneups equates to the domestic oil that drilling would produce.

Restaurant that Obama brags was saved by the stimulus closes the following week after 70 years of business

Confused the Presidential Medal of Freedom with the Congressional Medal of Honor(the guy's the CIC)

Sunday: "Iran does not pose a serious threat to us." - Monday: "The threat from Iran is grave."

In May of 2011, signs the Westminster Abbey guestbook and dates it May 2008

Makes a fool of himself in an awkward attempt to toast the Queen at Buckingham Palace

Makes a speech proclaiming a “Teutonic shift” of Middle East politics (the teleprompter- addicted moron meant “tectonic”)

At state dinner for German Chancellor Merkel he botches another toast because he forgot it altogether...

Hank:"I don't get ... (Below threshold)


"I don't get it."

Figure that no matter what she does, it's wrong according to Art W. It makes his life so much simpler, after all. Kind of like how 'Zero Tolerance' policies take away any uncertainty how to manage disciplinary practices in schools - despite their obvious drawbacks - with Palin there's a "Zero-Thought" policy in place for Art.

Nice list, LeBron.... (Below threshold)

Nice list, LeBron.

My favorite being: Thanks himself while reading the wrong line on the teleprompter.

"First, I'd like to say thank you to President Obama!" said President Obama....

No one, not Palin, Bachmann, Biden or Gore will ever be able to top that. That takes a special kind of stupid.

#29You forgot at l... (Below threshold)


You forgot at least one.

Barry refuses to patch his divots which are numerous. Elderly lady fractures hip and dies from complications of ObamaGaffe.

Very rude.

Hey Look! 914 can lie just ... (Below threshold)
Art W:

Hey Look! 914 can lie just like Bachmann. Are you running for GOP office, 914? Practicing up on your bullshit? Sure looks like it - cause your golf story is a lie.

And THAT is how Bachmann's supporters rally around Michelle Bachmann. They tell lies in her favor.

Bachmann's former chief of ... (Below threshold)
Art W:

Bachmann's former chief of staff spills the beans on his former boss.

As the former chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party during the tenure of Gov. Tim Pawlenty, as well as the former chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, I have watched both candidates from behind the public scene. I've seen how they handle the pressures of the job; I've seen how they lead a staff; and I've seen how they would govern if elected to the most powerful office in the world.

Having seen the two of them, up close and over a long period of time, it is clear to me that while Tim Pawlenty possesses the judgment, the demeanor, and the readiness to serve as president, Michele Bachmann decidedly does not.

The Bachmann campaign and congressional offices I inherited were wildly out of control. Stacks upon stacks of unopened contributions filled the campaign office while thousands of communications from citizens waited for an answer. If she is unable, or unwilling, to handle the basic duties of a campaign or congressional office, how could she possibly manage the magnitude of the presidency?

But... but... but she hates Obama just like the rest of the Tea Party!

More from the people who know Bachmann best.

I know Michele Bachmann very well. She is a faithful conservative with great oratory skills, but without any leadership experience or real results from her years in office. She is not prepared to assume the White House in 2013.

but.... but.... but 914 says President Obama kills little old ladies. Isn't that reason enough to vote for Bachmann?

She really scares you doesn... (Below threshold)

She really scares you doesn't she Wart? She has Barry's death panels pegged just like Sarah.

Yes, turdbrain I will vote for her against the beclowned one in chief. And all the kool aid in Kalifornia wont change that fact.

ART W answer what dirt your... (Below threshold)

ART W answer what dirt your buddies got on the Palin emails then you can play. If not, go play with yourself buddy. ww

Imagine that. Ron ... (Below threshold)

Imagine that.

Ron Carey, who worked for Bachmann for what, 5 months, complains that Bachmanns campaign had trouble keeping up with their mail. So what did Bachmann do? She hired Carey as the new Chief of Staff to better manage the campaign.

The horror.






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