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Captain Incompetence

I would’ve gone with Private Incompetence, but whatever.

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I bet Jay could do one of his things where he starts talking about all the flubbs of George Bush, but then instead of linking to Bush mistakes, he goes and makes those links go to Barak Obama gaffes! Oh, how witty that would be. Then we’d all laugh and talk about the good times when people had jobs and money and possessions.


Good times, good times…


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Clearly a racist cartoon.<b... (Below threshold)

Clearly a racist cartoon.
Gone are the days when political cartoons portrayed a black person without resorting no negative stereotypes.

Oh, sorry, I flashed back to Condi the house slave depictions that were all the rage a few years back...

I bet this chick who is wor... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I bet this chick who is worried about global warming voted for Obama.


Do us all a favor. KEEP HI... (Below threshold)

Do us all a favor. KEEP HIM IN THE BOOTH!

And disconnect the phone.

Then we’d all laugh and ... (Below threshold)

Then we’d all laugh and talk about the good times when people had jobs and money and possessions.

Even the unions and MorOn.org would be down with that, after all, the new "grassroots" movement (the new one headed by 'grassroots activist' Van Jones and coordinated by 'grassroots organizations' AFL-CIO and SEIU) also wants to return to the 'good old days' before Obama and the economy he created with Reid and Pelosi:

"The first step for this emerging American Dream movement is creating our own blueprint for fixing the economy—an all-new Contract for the American Dream." (from MorOn.org's latest email, which included the details above)

I'm guessing it involves doing the same things that Obama/Reid/Pelosi did in 2009-2010 only TO THE EXTREME! Cause that'll work.






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