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Key to diminishing poverty - economic freedom

This ought to be required watching for Jim Wallis and his gang of Religious Leftists at Sojourners:

H/T Insty.


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Rick,Why do you be... (Below threshold)


Why do you believe that so-called "religious leftists" are opposed to economic freedom? I have not yet found anything from your supplied hyperlink which suggests that religious leftists are oppposed to economic freedom. Please provide clearer evidence to support your claim about the "religious left".

[P.S. Me asking for more evidence does not mean that I disagree with Rick.

And I see, that <a href="ht... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

And I see, that Hongkong is considered the most economically free on your table, but all property in Hongkong is gorvernment owned, and can only be leased to private individuals; at the government´s discretion, which keeps the price of leased property high. At least, they won´t have a housing bubble and collapse in Hongkong. Rick isn't sugeesting that we try their approach, is he?

It's not that they are reli... (Below threshold)
jim m:

It's not that they are religious leftists, it's that they are leftists. Socialism is opposed to economic freedom. The more democratic and more market based the economy the better off the people.

And for Steve, what is important is the trend and not specific data points. If you want to run your life off of anecdotal incidents then you will be very happy watching obama run this country into the ground and you will remain without a clue as to why nothing he does works.

Hong Kong also had decades of British rule which established a society and culture that is very different from mainland China. Only since 1999 has it been under communist rule. The one good thing to note is that the Chinese communists had obviously learned that their system sucks and they didn't trash Hong Kong as many had feared they would. Today's Hong Kong is less free than it was under British rule and much of their prosperity is due to that British rule and not the current government. It takes time to destroy prosperity (unless you are obama, who seems to have a knack for that).

Steve - he's not suggesting... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Steve - he's not suggesting it at all. Hong Kong was controlled by the free, capitalistic British for decades, during which Hong Kong became a prosperous, highly-functional capitalistic city. When the British turned H.K. over to China in 1999 (I think that was the year?) the ChiComs didn't change too much.

So, H.K.'s prosperity has little to do with the ChiComs and everything to do with the economic freedom that the hyperlink explores.

(Er, whoops, I just essenti... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

(Er, whoops, I just essentially repeated what Jim m posted.)

"It takes time to destroy p... (Below threshold)

"It takes time to destroy prosperity"

Yeah, about 2 years by my count.

"Income per person" is a me... (Below threshold)

"Income per person" is a meaningless index. What counts is how it's distributed in wages and benefits.

The fact is that the USA fares relatively poorly in terms of wages, vacation time and health care benefits relative to other countries.

In the last twenty years, profits are up tremendously on a cumulative basis, while wages have only gone up a paltry 5% or so. It used to be that private sector wages were higher. Now public sector wages are higher. Instead of questioning why private sector wages remained flat, nitwits complain about public sector wages which have been indexed to the cost of living.

Why not question low private sector wages?

Dodo David,Does mo... (Below threshold)

Dodo David,

Does more government mean more or less economic freedom?

Go to the Sojourner's link I provided and count the number of references to freedom.

Then count the number of references to government.

Case closed.

A quick check of the... (Below threshold)
gnossoss papadopoulis:

A quick check of the funders leads to the same group headed by Koch Bros. and Scaife. This is such a dumbass video that says nothing you just wonder why they bother. I think it is to impress the term "economic freedom". It tastes a lot better than "that horrible EPA is trying to get us from dumping our arsenic laced waste water in West Virginia streams".

Economic freedom means that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce can get away with endorsing the shipping of US manufacturing jobs to Chile. It's to soften the blow of the new NAFTA.

Rick,I did not dis... (Below threshold)


I did not disagree with what you said about the Religious Left. I simply could not "connect the dots" just by looking at the homepage of Sojourners.

After doing my own research, I now agree with what you said about the Religious Left.

Over on my own religion blog, I credit you and Michael for prompting me to research the Religious Left. However, I believe that I did a better job of explaining why the Religious Left is contradicting the cause of economic freedom.






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