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What media bias Jon Stewart?

John at VerumSerum answers the question:

Do they really believe that Michele Bachmann was talking about Gacy? Did she quickly scan Google and get confused as this video clip claims or is that an invented detail to support the invented story? Well, Bachmann denied that she was speaking about Gacy and Gacy wasn't born or raised in Iowa. He grew up in Chicago. Plus he's not exactly a role model. Bachmann was clearly talking about The Duke not the mass murderer.

But the joke/story that she had confused the two John Wayne's was repeated in nearly 800 "news" articles. That doesn't include the thousands of blogs that wrote about it. Was it true? Probably not, but it got saturation coverage on the day of her announcement. Liberals were obviously enjoying themselves at her expense.

Now compare the treatment of Bachmann to the press' handling of another gaffe just a few days earlier.

Four days before Bachmann's gaffe the President of the United states told a group of soldiers that he'd given a Medal Honor award to one of their members while he was still alive. Only the man the President named got the Medal posthumously and the man who received it while still alive was not part of that division. Oops!

It's a similar mistake to the one Bachmann supposedly made, i.e. confusing two people with similar heroism rather than similar names. So how many news outlets reported the Obama gaffe? Going again to Google News, we see the answer is eleven. Granted there are hundreds more articles listed in this search, but most of those came after Obama admitted the gaffe and apologized for it. The media was not at all eager to jump on this gaffe. And even if you include all of the stories, it's still a 4:1 spread in favor of Bachmann (if by "in favor" you mean against her).

So when Bachmann makes a mistake about a long deceased actor's birthplace, the media makes up a story about what they think she meant and runs with it even after she denies it. When Obama makes an undeniably embarrassing gaffe about someone he's actually met in the past year, the media ignores it and only lightly touches on it after he's had time to apologize.

Is the media biased against conservatives?

Hell. Yes.


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Comments (17)

"Is the media biased aga... (Below threshold)

"Is the media biased against conservatives?"

YES!!! And it will get worse each and every day until November 2012.

In related news: Bears shi... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

In related news: Bears shit in the woods, the earth revolves around the sun and the sun rises in the east.

You guys are missing the po... (Below threshold)
Art W:

You guys are missing the point, as usual.

"So when Bachmann makes a mistake about a long deceased actor's birthplace, the media makes up a story about what they think she meant and runs with it even after she denies it. "

Her denial is the story, as Jon Stewart points out and as if quoted in the post then promptly ignored in order to fake "TEH ANGER" at the media bias.

Bachmann made an honest mistake and then lied about it.

Just as Sarah Palin made a mistake about Paul Revere and then lied about it.

It's nuance a 6th grader could pick up but if flies right over the heads of conservatives as they rush to play the victim card for Bachmann -- just as they quickly rush to play the victim card for Palin.

Why conservatives have to turn their female candidates into poor widdle victims is a mystery -- I guess it gets more checks from the tea party base.

But the funniest part is how right wing bloggers get suckered into it each-and-every-time.

Like I said - the bar is set at 6th grade level and you guys can't reach.


The question is not whether... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The question is not whether the media is biased against conservatives, but rather why anyone is surprised by it and why some in the GOP still seem to find it necessary to curry favor with that media?

The surprising thing about ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

The surprising thing about the Obama gaffe isn't that the legacy media covered it up - they've been covering for the buffoonish radical and his questionable associations ever since he hit the national scene with his 2004 speech to the Democratic Convention. Heck, the LA Times still refuses to release the video of Obama at a dinner honoring his friend the "Palestinian activist" with terrorist connections from late 2007 or early 2008. Whatever he said must be pretty darned interesting . . .

The troubling part is that it wasn't Obama winging it and ad libbing an error, it came from his prepared remarks read off TOTUS. Now, Presidential speeches are traditionally read and reread and vetted and fact-checked and read yet again by dozens of staffers before being delivered.

This is for several reasons. First of all, anything the President says can affect events in the world and the financial markets almost immediately, so it almost has the effect of instant policy. He must be very careful what he says. Also, everyone will check the facts, so they need to be right. Embarrassing the President over a stupid mistake there was plenty of time and staff to check and correct is inexcusable.

So we find that Obama's staffers are as completely incompetent as their boss. Perhaps not a total shock, but it is disturbing to realize nonetheless.

That his supporters are soulless evil zombies without an honest bone in their foul undead bodies, on the other hand, goes without saying.

Speaking of 6th grade Art, ... (Below threshold)

Speaking of 6th grade Art, how's it going down there in Kindergarten - aka Kool Aid land?

As for Barry and his staff, one military guy or one military unit is the same as any other. To a progressive "they all look alike".

Of course they didn't repor... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Of course they didn't report on Obama's gaffe, they're not trying to destroy Obama.

Art's slipping, he didn't get a dig in on Prosser. Apply yourself Art, or there won't be any check in the mail next week.

Wart never tires of making ... (Below threshold)

Wart never tires of making an ass of his self...Takes after his Obumblegaffer.

Wart never tires of making ... (Below threshold)

Wart never tires of making an ass of his self...Takes after his Obumblegaffer.

It doesn't matter, Obama is... (Below threshold)

It doesn't matter, Obama is toast next year with or without the media's help.

Actually I think you'd have... (Below threshold)

Actually I think you'd have to be younger than a 6th grader to fall for a piece of political nonsense like the fabricated story that Bachmann was talking about Gacy. That's nearly the mental equivalent of giggling hysterically because you think girls have cooties.

What is kind of funny is that Gacy was a good Democrat who cared so much about his community and the "little people." He was even photographed with Rosalyn Carter as a reward for his good Democratic works.

The MFM is getting more ent... (Below threshold)

The MFM is getting more entertaining as they make complete asses of themselves with their blatant extreme leftard bias.

The opportunities to ridicule these news readers without integrity are too numerous to count.

It's going to be a fun election and history will not be kind to the lying sphincters on TV.

The difference is, there's ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

The difference is, there's nothing funny about mixing up the heroes. How could you joke about that? What images would Stewart flash on the screen behind himself, for instance?

But mixing up John Wayne and John "Killer Clown" Gacy - that's hilarious. And there are pictures of Gacy in clown makeup.

Conservatives have no sense of humor, but a strong sense of victimhood. Boo hoo.

Umm, Bruce?Instead... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Umm, Bruce?

Instead of trying (pathetically) to insult conservatives, why don't you try adressing the point of the thread - the biased medai gave D'Ohbama a pass on his much more significant gaffe and made up the story about Michelle Bachmannn.

And if you won't, then STFU.

I'm not sure, but I think O... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure, but I think Obama has presented the MOH to three recipients. Considering the importance of the honor, one would think that Barry could keep three people straight. Giunta should have been particularly memorable, as he is the only living recipient for quite some time.

The fact that Obama managed to mix up these heroes speaks to his screwed-up priorities. That's what is noteworthy--not Bachmann's gaffes.

Bruce, you are right. It is... (Below threshold)

Bruce, you are right. It is not funny that the President of the United States cannot remember the name of a medal of honor winner. But just goes ahead to make political points off the dead soldier. That is sad.

Making fun of Bachman for a gaffe like Wayne is childish and you are right, sad again. Sad for the "grown up" news people.

Art W, we are still waiting for your take on Palin's emails that will bring her down and ruin our hero. Where are they? You were certain so bring it on bozo. ww

What'e even funnier is that... (Below threshold)

What'e even funnier is that Gacy was a Democrat party precinct captain.

Oh wait...that didn't make it into the MSM stories? I wonder why?






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