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Obama v. Obama

I'm getting confused. Help me out here a little, folks.

First up, Barack Obama denounces automation, talking about how the evil ATMs have cost American jobs.

Then he talks about how automation has actually helped the American economy grow.

This week, he denounced the tax break given to those who own private, corporate jets.

Then some bright soul did some digging, and discovered that the tax break that is the reason why the economy's in the crapper was actually part of the infamous Obama stimulus bill, passed by the Democratic-controlled Congress and signed by Obama himself.

I see why Obama is so frantically campaigning for re-election. He's terrified that he might have to just face the most dangerous opponent he could imagine:



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Comments (15)

Barry vs. his record, a fig... (Below threshold)

Barry vs. his record, a fight he cannot win.

Obama's three greatest enem... (Below threshold)

Obama's three greatest enemies are: (1) truth, (2) reality, and (3) himself. In that order.

So, that is why Obama needs... (Below threshold)

So, that is why Obama needs at least two microphones whenever he is speaking. He needs one microphone for each side of his mouth.

This man is crashing. It is... (Below threshold)

This man is crashing. It is so obvious except for the pure delusional and the MSM.
He tells the republicans to stay in session and lead but then fly's off to raise funds and then goes to camp david before he goes to Martha's Vineyard.
He tell Philly that the republicans will attack him but they don't have a plan when it is the exact opposite.
He proudly states he deligated the role of negotiator to Biden who is one of the reasons we are in the financial mess we are in.

I don't know if the republicans can grab all the independent vote but I know Obama cannot. ww

Obama vs. Romney would be a... (Below threshold)

Obama vs. Romney would be a good match.

It would be like watching two chameleons run through a kaleidoscope.

I never thought I would say... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

I never thought I would say this but credit where credit is due-

Good comment, Chico

Affirmative action doesn't ... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Affirmative action doesn't actually work in the real world.

Poor Barry. First time in h... (Below threshold)

Poor Barry. First time in his life he's glib tongue won't get him anywhere. People are actually going to judge him on what he's accomplished.

You might say, for Barry, that's UNPRECEDENTED.

Obama's toadie Carney now c... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Obama's toadie Carney now claims the Obama corporate jet break is good, it was the Reagan-era break that is bad and that's what His Prissiness was speaking about.

Of course, we are talking about a few million dollars in revenue lost to the break at a time when we are facing over a trillion dollar deficit this year. As Charles Krauthammer pointed out, if Obama had been able to start collecting the taxes from the jet break at the birth of John the Baptist, he wouldn't yet be halfway to covering one year of his deficit.

Put another way, if he collected the tax from the break for 700 years, it would only balance the Obama deficit into February.

Obama is not a serious person. He is completely unqualified for the job (and for anything except reading speeches from a teleprompter and prancing in front of a mirror).

The only option for Barry i... (Below threshold)

The only option for Barry is to blame, blame, blame. And then play some more golf.

Well, he sure doesn't have ... (Below threshold)

Well, he sure doesn't have much he can point to as a success, does he?

Unless you want to count record spending, deficits and unemployment...

Yeah, that'll get him elected. BTW, he apparently said today he's looking forward to the next five and a half years.

That... give me the cold shudders. Don't know about y'all, but I think we'd survive it... but we'd really be in shit shape afterward.

Since it's a holiday, and I... (Below threshold)

Since it's a holiday, and I'm feeling generous, let me summarize the lefties' responses to this for them, in order that they won't have to spend any time on this thread but instead may enjoy the weekend:

1. But, Bristol Palin is a slut,
2. But, Reagan raised FICA withholding two points,
3. But, Obama got bin Ladin.

My 92 year old mother is in... (Below threshold)

My 92 year old mother is in the early stages of Alzheimer's. I am seeing the same symtoms displayed by our dear leader.

Or he is on dope. What is he really smoking?

Why do blacks vote for Demo... (Below threshold)

Why do blacks vote for Democrats? Here is the answer!


What was that stuff, again,... (Below threshold)

What was that stuff, again, folks were saying about coke-headed marijuana-mumbling mobbed-up Mussolini-modeled modified-Marxist murtadd-Muslim street agitation being piss-poor preparation for pretender to the "presidency?"

Bill Ayres won't be able to ghost-write his way through this one.






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