Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

President Barack Obama addresses the nation from Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, May 1, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


Winners will be announced Monday morning.

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.

Is the idiocy of The Life of Julia really going to be bought by America?
Ooops: NATO Video Says Chicago is 'Capital of Illinois'
  • “Yes, Mr. President, you really DO have to leave.”

  • Obama and his campaign team come to the sickening realization that they forgot to order the soldiers to attend his campaign speech

  • “To commemorate my killing of Osama Bin Laden, I have signed an executive order requiring that every American flag – like the one behind me – have my image on it where the stars usually are.”

    •  50 brilliant celestial objects replaced by one of vastly dimmer, extremely dense material.

  • I want to be perfectly clear that the disenfranchised military vote will not be the margin of difference in my upcoming re-election.

  • “…but these military vehicles won’t go to waste after I abolish the Department of Defense. They’ll be used to take Sasha and Malia to school.”

  • Conservachef

    Look, you think photo-ops “just happen?” It takes a lot of work for me to stand in front of this photo, behind this podium! You look at this and think “easy as eating dog pie,” but there’s not one person in all 57 states that puts more effort with laser-like intensity  into campaigning leading!

  • Conservachef

    Obama thought bubble: “Geez Bush made this look easy. Wonder why I don’t look convincing? Maybe I should have gone to the base instead of standing in front of a picture of it…”

  • I wonder from whose coffin that flag was snatched off so President Sand Trap could wrap it around OBL?

  • Conservachef
  • GarandFan

    In order to pay for my ‘fair’ social programs, and as Commander-in-Chief, I’ve decided to sell off our military equipment.  Check out my website ………..everything must go!

  • Our new electric Humvee’s have a range of 20 k-i-l-o-m-e-t-e-r-s and are able to rapidly recharge in an amazingly historic 8 hours … oh and Romney would insist on using the smelly old gas ones …

  • 914

    Target has been acquired..

    • 914

      “Roger that!”

  • sarahconnor2

    One soldier to another: “If he comes in here holding a platter like Bush did, remember: that’s not turkey on THAT plate.”

  • John H

    Responding to criticism of rising debt, Obama instituted a new program to balance the budget by selling off “excess” government vehicles. Unfortunately, people don’t seem to trust Obama enough to buy a used car from him.

  • Conservachef

    Obama: Here we see yet another problem our administration inherited from the previous one- grainy-looking military vehicles.If re-elected, I promise to address the lethal threat of out-of-focus backgrounds.

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  • westcoastwiser

    Hey, pack these and take them to Charlotte. I want them for the background for my acceptance speech after the Democrat Convention.

  • Brucepall

    “Let me be clear, my plan to stop future MENA aggression from ever happening again, is to restrain our military… and impanel an Atrocities Prevention Board.”

  • I know the Chevy Volt is prone to catching fire, but  I could make you a great deal on a slightly used Hummer!

  • Guest

    I know the Chevy Volt doesn’t catch fire but us Republicans can’t find the truth – heck, we cant’ even find our asses with both hands.

  • A Hummer and a bummer

    • westcoastwiser

       Which is which?

  • “Today, together, we call on the Supreme Court to, ah, do as I think is best” 

  • “I can’t wait to get out of office so I can buy me one of these mothers!

  • This must be part of that composite hummer I asked my wife for this morning.

  • Joe_Miller

    Now, you can have what’s behind one of these three vehicles, or you can have what Michelle is bringing down the aisle…

  • Joe_Miller

    My campaign motto was supposed to be “Farewell.” Damn you, autocorrect!

  • Stan Brewer

    When I push this button, a horde of #OWS people will come out and show you all how defecate on these vehicles.

  • westcoastwiser

    Please, please, hold your applause until we can shut down these damn low mileage gas guzzlers and replace them with wild horses from the Nevadan desert as we know they are a renewable resource.

  • westcoastwiser

    I hate it when Jay Tea makes me try to make my next Wizbang Weekend Caption picture more ridiculous than the last one.  How’s this one, Jay?

  • westcoastwiser

    Where is this going?  Last week I was all alone on a bus, and now, I’m alone in this Afghani maintenance shed.  No more bus to throw me under, eh, so you choose a dirty heavily armed APC? My next photo-op will be leading a parade in North Korea.

  • retired.military

    President Obama, touting his 2015 budget cuts, stands before the last 2
    vehicles in the US Army inventory – Mission Accomplished.

  • retired.military

    President Obama uses the new teleprompter disguised to look like a military
    vehicle.  Camouflague is good for something after all.

  • retired.military

    Here are 3 things which have a combined IQ of 0.

  • retired.military

    Obama thought bubble “Hey where’s my flight suit at?

  • retired.military

    I will take the lost decade for $1000 Alex.

    And the Answer is “A tanker’s helmet”

    Question “What’s the only thing missing from this picture?”

  • retired.military

    One of these things has no IQ, is draped in the American flag, has no
    ammunition left in its gun, and runs over things which gets in its way, and
    the other is a HUMVEE

  • retired.military

    Obama stands before the all new electric HUMVEE.  He would have taken a ride in one but after starting it needed a 12 hour charge to go anywhere.

  • retired.military

    Obama “and if reelected we wont need any more Humvees like these here because we wont have a military at all.”

  • Four score and seven hours ago my campaign brought forth on this continent, a
    new video tribute, shamelessly conceived, and dedicated to the proposition that I and pretty much I alone deserve credit for the execution of Osama bin Laden…

  • jainphx

    Wait, where’s my security detail? Sir there under the humvees where you tossed them.

  • retired.military

    Obama “welcome to my reelection fundraiser auction.  First item up for bid, 2 brand spanking new Humvees off the assembly line.  One even has an American Flag.  Someone give me an opening bid. ” 

  • The President’s combat podium was flown to Afghanistan ahead of the Present’s visit on a specially configured Lockheed C-5A Galaxy.

  • Ken in Camarillo

    It’s Romney’s fault because of his failed policies.

  • Ken in Camarillo


  • Vagabond661

    “If I wanted a Hummer, I would have asked Julia.”

  • KGHahn

    Empty vehicles guard empty suit.

  • Update:  Winners announced.  Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.