Moderate Muslim Group to Help Defend Airline Passengers in Flying Imams Suit

Both SeeDubya and Allahpundit are calling this development awesome, and I couldn’t agree more.

Lawyers and a Muslim group say they will defend at no cost airline passengers caught up in a lawsuit between a group of imams and U.S. Airways if the passengers are named as “John Does” and sued for reporting suspicious behavior that got the Muslim clerics booted from a November flight.

The six imams are suing the airline, Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Airports Commission, and the unnamed “John Does” to be named later, for discrimination, saying they were removed from the flight for praying in the airport.

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, a Phoenix-area physician and director of American Islamic Forum for Democracy — a group founded in 2003 to promote moderate Muslim ideas through its Web site ( — told The Washington Times his group will raise money for legal fees for passengers if they are sued by the imams.

“It’s so important that America know there are Muslims who understand who the victims are in air travel,” said Dr. Jasser. “But I hope it doesn’t get to that point because the backlash will be even greater when Americans see Islamists trying to punish innocent passengers reporting fears.”

The lawsuit specifically cites two passengers who stared at the men as they prayed, then made a cell phone call that the imams say went to U.S. Airways to complain about the prayer.

Gerry Nolting, whose Minnesota law firm Faegre & Benson LLP is offering to represent passengers for free, says the judicial system is being “used for intimidation purposes” and that it is “just flat wrong and needs to be strongly, strongly discouraged.”

Absolutely! The passengers who reported the Imams as they prayed at the gate didn’t do so because they were prejudiced. They were scared, and Dr. Jasser’s group can help alleviate some of the fear that Americans have toward some Muslims.

Allahpundit notes that Faegre & Benson, a very prestigious lawfirm, wasn’t even the first firm to offer to help the passengers pro bono. While you’re at Hot Air, be sure to scroll down Allah’s post and check out the video of Dr. Jasser, a very vocal critic of CAIR and a defender of “24”, on Neil Cavuto’s show yesterday.

If you’re so inclined, you can donate to help Dr. Jasser’s efforts here.

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