Double dipping for double dips

Hey, it’s a twofer this morning!

A guy was arrested in Manchester, New Hampshire on traffic charges. As he was leaving, he spotted a woman attempting to talk to officers at the front desk. He offered to translate for her, and discovered that she was attempting to bail out her husband who had been arrested on immigration charges. He slipped her a card, and left.

The card belonged to an officer he’d met. Instead of passing along the message that her husband wasn’t eligible for bail, he told her he was the officer and could “arrange” for her husband’s bail. He took her for $1,500.

So, we have a rather enterprising criminal who is stupid enough to carry out his con right inside the police station, and an immigrant (probably illegal, as her husband is being held on immigration charges and she’s not fluent in English) depending on others to speak for her to authorities, and trusting this stranger to represent her interests fairly and accurately.

A better example of “traddutore, traditore” I haven’t seen in a long time.

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