Good Career Move

Well, we know now a bit more about the twit who rushed Senate Nominee Rand Paul in Kentucky the other night. Thanks to Robert Stacey McCain, it’s clear that Lauren Valle is a professional liberal protester who was literally paid to go to Kentucky in a plan to draw attention to herself and embarrass the Paul campaign.

Mission accomplished.

Valle, an employee of, has a lengthy record of political activism attention-whoring. For this gig, she was given a “costume,” complete with wig, and a prop sign. When Paul showed up at the debate, she broke through the crowd and rushed him, hoping to present him with the sign and get an embarrassing picture of him with said sign.

Paul’s supporters saw her and suspected trouble, so they told the police — who said that keeping her from making a spectacle disturbance wasn’t their business.

Since the police weren’t interested, the Paul people chose to stop her themselves.

I can’t blame them — Squeaky Fromme, John Hinckley, and Arthur Bremer all blended in with crowds before making their moves.

In the process, Ms. Valle was knocked to the ground, de-wigged (not that she needed any help in wigging out), and one guy decided to not risk Moonbat Cooties by putting his foot on her shoulder and pressing her flatter to the pavement. Before he could complete the Rachel Corrie Tribute, though, another Paul supporter told him to knock it off.

Well, Ms. Valle didn’t get her embarrassing picture of Paul. Instead, she herself became the story — the brave political activist head-stomped by the Paul bullies.

Except that she was doing it for the paycheck, wasn’t stomped, only one guy did the non-stomping, and the rest of the Paul bullies called him off.

No matter. She still got the big story off of whatever Paul might have wanted it to be.

A story like this needs a musical tribute. Fortunately, one of my favorite musicians came up with the perfect song a couple of years ago, and some other very clever people put together a video for him.

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